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Raspberry-infused Chocolate Fudge

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Large (>1 lb) for $15.50. Also available in Medium (>1/2 lb) for $8.00.

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Not stockpiled. Often made fresh with your order. Usually ships within 1-3 business days.

With just the right amount of raspberry flavor added to an already popular fudge, our Raspberry-infused Chocolate Fudge is a Rotating Flavor. Rotating Flavors like Raspberry-infused Chocolate are always available in Large blocks, and are likely available in smaller blocks now or very soon. Check the selection menu above for current availability of Raspberry-infused Chocolate Fudge or see the tab below for an overall outline of Fudge AvailabilityWe do not sell our fudge by weight, but part of our Satisfaction Guarantee is that the weight of your block of fudge will be greater than the amount specified.  

Central Flavors (We strive to have all 5 of these flavors available now or very soon. Because we make oiur fudge by hand in small batches, we may need to make a fresh batch to complete your order.)


  Cookies and Cream



  Sunflower Butter and Chocolate

Rotating Flavors (We strive to have 3 additional flavors available now, rotating through this list. If a rotating flavor isn't available in Small or Medium sizes today, it should be soon. You can always order your favorite flavors in Large sizes.

  Brandy Alexander


  Cherry Chocolate

  Cranberry Chocolate

  Grandma's Caramel Fudge


  Mint Chocolate

  Mint Cookies and Cream

  Orange-infused Chocolate

  Raspberry-infused Chocolate

  Sea Salt Chocolate

  Sunflower Butter

Seasonal Flavors (The following flavors will only enter the rotation during the specified season or for a short time after someone has ordered the flavor in a Large size.)


    Root Beer Float

    Orange Creamsicle






Granulated white sugar

Heavy (whipping) cream

Unsweetened evaporated milk

Light corn syrup

Unsweetened chocolate


Raspberry extract

What is the shelf life of the fudge?

Our fudge is usually consumed well before these times, but just in case…

  Counter/cupboard: best before 4 weeks (wrapped in parchment or wax paper)
  Refrigerator: best before 6 weeks (in an air tight container)
  Freezer: best before 2 month (in an air tight container)


What is the best way to store fudge?

The easiest and actually best way to store our fudge is on the counter or in a cupboard securely wrapped in parchment or waxed paper and in its original box. The outside of the fudge will stay firm while the inside should stay soft. The outside of your fudge might get softer than desired if kept in a sealed bag. However, if you choose to refrigerate or freeze your fudge, do so in an air tight container, and then let your fudge return to room temperature before enjoying.


If I order different flavors will the flavors blend together?

It is helpful to keep certain strong flavors such as mint chocolate wrapped separately. We use natural ingredients and extracts to achieve our flavors and the strongest can influence their neighbors.