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Fudge Tray

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If you are hosting an event and desire an easy and unique desert, our Fudge Trays are sure to please. Each morsel is about 1 oz. of fudge so each pound of fudge ordered for your tray will result in 16 morsels. You should plan on at least one morsel for each guest, but doubling or trippling the tray would allow everyone to sample multiple flavors. Once you set the size of your tray, you can select your flavors. The 6 seasonal flavors can be included in any amount. All other desired flavors must be included in quantities of 1 pound or more. The price of your Fudge Tray will be $14.80 per pound of fudge plus a 15% tray handling fee. CALL NOW TO PLACE AN ORDER!

  32 people = 2 lb. Fudge Tray for $34.00

  48 people = 3 lb. Fudge Tray for $51.00

  64 people = 4 lb. Fudge Tray for $68.00

  80 people = 5 lb. Fudge Tray for $85.00

  96 people = 6 lb. Fudge Tray for $102.00


  112 people = 7 lb. Fudge Tray for $119.00